Tony Canino

Tony Canino has written professionally for most of his adult life. His most recent work includes a two-act play, Rough Justice, and a novella, Fancy Man, still in progress. He has read and roamed widely enough to have concluded that people, like an approaching storm, always bear close watching.

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Acts of a Dubious Nature

In Acts of a Dubious Nature, Tony Canino casts a fresh voice and a baleful eye on the many affronts and trespasses that human beings both suffer and inflict. An abused elder who’ll protect his dead son’s memory at any cost, an honest fighter forced to throw a fight, a man recalling his many sins as his parachute fails, a sailboat full of reprobates burying a German admiral at sea, and a rancher with the darkest of secrets. Axel, Lickety, “Don” Carmine, Aunt Mavis, Bee Boy, Lucky the Space Alien – all part of a cast unlike any you’ve ever met.

Acts of a Dubious Nature: funny, heartbreaking, honest, utterly unpredictable – the perfect read for anybody who prefers the literary road less traveled.

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